A Game of Prehistoric Telephone

Transient, observant, excited, open. That’s how I feel whenever I start a trip to somewhere I’ve never been. As I rode home in a Lyft the night before my departure to Mexico, I… Continue reading

Rain Rain Go Away

I wrote this on the night of the Accra explosion after driving home through flooded streets in Accra. It was only the next day that we all learned about the tragedy. Just a smidgen of… Continue reading

Things Fall Apart

A handshake will tell you a lot. Clasp any hands in Ghana and you will feel their remarkable roughness, the strong muscle in the palms. Working hands. Even the children have thick callouses.… Continue reading


Some more photographs to share the journey. I’m trying to capture as much as I can of life here and share the amazing fusion of cultures and lifestyles in Ghana.                  

Worth A Thousand Words

Some shots from my time in Ghana. I’d say each is worth a thousand words on its own, don’t you think?                             


“So – Africa. Your parents must have not wanted you to come.” I laughed, “Yeah, there are some pretty incorrect ideas about Ebola right now.” Kofi, an employee at the university working on… Continue reading

Finding My Footing

Yesterday was a big day. We officially began our “independent study period”. I will be spending the next month researching, observing, and interviewing people on waste management practices and recycling initiatives in Accra.… Continue reading

Cape Coast

Here are some photos from Cape Coast to entertain you until I can get another full post up! We visited the slave castles, swam in the ocean (the current is really strong), had… Continue reading

Village Life: Chiefs, Twi, Malaria, Moonshine, Sanitation!

As I write this I’m in the back of a van bumping along a semi-paved road on the first overcast day since our arrival. We’re coming from Cape Coast and heading to Accra… Continue reading

Cuteness in Kumasi

Here are a few shots from the past week in Kumasi. Puppies were born at the house! And I tried a new dish! There’s a circular dent in the Banku corn dough because I… Continue reading